About Chef Cheo


“His Caribbean and Latin American heritage is the basis for his cuisine, except Chef Cheo only uses about 5 ingredients to create health conscious, delicious meals. Don’t let the low number of ingredients fool you- Chef Cheo’s dishes are packed with flavor.” – Kempe Radio

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Healthy eating and lifestyles are hot topics of conversation today for everyone, from U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, who champions more fruits, vegetables and exercise for the nation’s children, to the news media, who continue to report on the increase of obesity (and the health problems resulting from it) in our society.

For culinary professional and healthy cuisine practitioner CHEF CHEO, a healthy lifestyle is not a new concept.

After applying his masterful culinary skills at the finest restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, Chef Cheo has become an expert at advising his celebrity clients on how to live a more health-conscious lifestyle, encompassing healthy eating choices, nutrition education and eliminating unnecessary stress.

“Success is being able to be open and see yourself moving forward. Having determination and a strong mind set…”

Over the years, his private clients have included a wide range of star athletes and media celebrities: baseball pro Gary Sheffield; pro basketball stars Patrick Ewing, Jeff McInnis and Caron Butler; media executives Cathy Hughes (TV One) and Alfred Liggins (Radio One, Interactive One); and many more.

Starting in 2006, during a four-year stint as personal chef to pop superstar Janet Jackson, Chef Cheo was able to assist her in re-shaping and maintaining her healthy lifestyle goals – healthy eating and weight loss – with spectacular results. He literally helped Janet to sculpt her body to its well-documented ideal.

“I believe that the bridge-way between cultures is the food. I’ve been all over the world: Asia, South and Central America, North America and all of Europe. It’s interesting to see what other cultures have to offer with their food.

In 2010 he started working with New York Yankees superstar pitcher C. C. Sabathia. As the Yankees gathered in Florida for 2011 Spring Training, the team – and the news media – was all abuzz about the pitcher’s weight loss.

Just another example of Chef Cheo’s knowledge and dedication; for his clients, he has quickly become Master of Sculpting Your Body.

Now, Chef Cheo has become the go-to guy for celebrities and professional sports figures that want to get into better shape, and focus on better diet and lifestyle choices.

He will usually work in partnership with a nutritionist to rebuild the client’s food plan, eating habits and lifestyle, to get them where they want to be.

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